Matt J Young






Photo credit: Steve Cross

Photo credit: Steve Cross

I’m a public engagement professional, PhD neuroscientist and a science communication performer.

I specialise in the communication of complex research and specialist subject matter to non-specialist, public audiences. I regularly deliver training on public engagement and science communication to universities, train and mentor UoN postgraduates through the STEM Outreach Nottingham group, and sit on the University of Nottingham Public Engagement Network board. I've also produced many science engagement projects, including the Nottingham Pint of Science Festival & the Nottingham Festival of Science & Curiosity.

You can find me regularly performing science-based shows and nerdy comedy in places such as the Science Showoff comedy cabaret, the Green Man Festival, Lates at the Science Museum, and more. I’m often working on projects and shows as part of the Science Showoff Talent Factory, a diverse group of science communicators.

I’m currently producing a Podcast & Live Show project called Querdy. Check out the tab above for more info!

As a research scientist, I’m currently working on my PhD in neuroscience and axon biology at the University of Nottingham (UoN).